How to search Federal Criminal Records?

How to search Federal Criminal Records?

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Federal Criminal Records Search is carried out by employers and land owners to verify whether their employees or tenants were involved in any criminal activities or possess any past criminal history. Apart from this even Legal professionals go in for Federal Criminal Case Search to identify people who have violated rules and laws. In general Federal Criminal History Records Search is checking the background of a candidate across 94 district federal courts of United States. This search is done through PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic records) database.

The factors revealed by Federal Criminal Records Search

Federal Criminal Court Search reveals criminal convictions in the District federal courts. It should be noted that it does not involve the criminal records of State and Local courts. This search reveals criminal offenses like Robberies, Fraud, Counterfeiting, Embezzlement, Drug trafficking, Kidnapping, Misconduct, Raping, Murder and Warrants.

Laws to be followed for Federal Criminal Case Search

For conducting a Federal Criminal Case Search, one has to follow and obey Federal, State and Local hiring laws. One such law is the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which states that the employers should inform their employees that a criminal check is going to be carried out for them. Also it is very important that the consent of the employee in writing should be documented before the background search.

Further Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guides in avoiding discrimination based on the individuals criminal history. Also if the candidate is not going to be appointed due to his criminal activities, it is mandatory that the employer should follow the regulations of Adverse Action.

Moreover Ban the Box Laws are to be strictly followed which vary in different state, county and city. These laws give guidelines for searching the criminal background of the applicant before hiring.

Information provided by Federal Criminal Records Search

The main objective of a Federal Criminal Records Search is to know the complete past history of the candidate and his character to decide whether he is suitable for the job he has applied. It reveals the following aspects.

  • Educational Qualification such as the degrees obtained and certificates.

  • Employment Details regarding the past job and experience.

  • Criminal History to know Federal, State and Local court records.

  • Credit History to know the financial liabilities and debts.

  • Reference Checks from personal and professional references.

Further the following check is also done for candidates applying for very responsible and financial jobs.

  • Social Media History of the applicant.

  • Residential Address Details of the candidate.

  • Fingerprint Database of FBI

  • Collecting Information from relatives, friends and co-workers.

Ways to do a Federal Criminal Records Search

One can do a Federal Criminal Records Search by themselves by an online account with (PACER) Public Access to Court Electronic Records and collecting all information. But this process takes a long time to gather all details from different offices. The other way is to work with any Credit Reporting Agency like REVEAL Background search which can provide all details within 2 business days.


1. Is there any difference between Federal Background Checks and FBI Background Checks?

Federal Background Check searches federal criminal records of the applicants throughout 94 Federal United States District Courts with the help of Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) database. They are used for hiring employees for executive level positions and sensitive jobs.

However FBI Background Checks are more deep and intense and based on the finger prints of the applicant and done for jobs in the federal government. This check verifies whether the candidate is involved in any violation of Law Enforcement, Criminal Convictions, Traffic Violations or Parking Tickets.

2. How far back a Federal Criminal Records Search go?

It depends on the nature of the search. In U.S. the Federal Criminal Records Search considers only the criminal offenses committed within the last 7 years.

3. Does having a criminal history prohibit a candidate from getting a job?

Having a criminal history does not prohibit a candidate from getting a jog because he might have been arrested without prosecution. Also he might have been acquitted.

4. What are the laws that have to be followed before conducting a Federal Criminal Records Check?

A Federal Criminal Records Check should follow Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Ban-the-Box law, Federal and State laws.

5. What are the searches done by Reveal Background Check?

National Criminal Database Search, State Criminal Database Search, State-wide Criminal Court Search, County Criminal Search, Sex Offender Registry and Global Watch List are done by Reveal Background Check. All the packages offered by Reveal Criminal Background Check come with reasonable charges and at low cost and all the data are sent through email immediately within 2 days.

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